Clever SEO is a full service technology partner that will take your online business to the next level. We specialise in helping companies dominate their vertical industry online, and we achieve this by providing the best SEO optimisation, SEO strategy, Adwords campaigns, content creation and website creative in Australia. Clever SEO have over 20 years of experience, building and marketing websites and we are confident we can help you lead your industry and stay ahead of your competitors online.

We have extensive experience in digital marketing, web design, content creation, social media and eCommerce. We specialize in building advanced Cloud software systems with big data analytics capabilities, which enables us to provide you with premium rankings in organic search results.

We have successfully delivered comprehensive digital strategies for large clients such as Columbia Tri-Star Motion Pictures, Le Meridien Hotels, Hyundai, Ken Done, Tigerlily and State Street Corporation –  just to name a few.

Our Team

Our local team is made up of of talented marketing professionals, content creators, web designers, programmers, software engineers and SEO professionals with extensive local industry experience.

Through our business structure, we provide you with a personalised service where you deal with the experts directly, avoiding the complexities that come along with dealing with larger companies. This enables us to achieve rapid turnaround and work with you directly to achieve your goals.

Our team members include :

Search engine optimization (SEO) consultants – SEO Consultants spend time gaining an in depth understanding of your business to craft the most effective SEO program to deliver maximum results within your budgetary requirements.

We use powerful software systems to complete advanced organic data mining, natural language processing and unstructured information management. Based on the data footprint for each industry, we develop an advanced online profile that rapidly places your business ahead of competitors’ premium SEO rankings.

Adwords Specialists – Our Adword Specialists ensure delivery of the highest quality traffic to your website at the lowest possible cost per click. With years of experience executing Adwords campaigns, we’re here to help you through every stage of the process, from development to execution.

Content Writers – Our in-house writers can fully manage your social media and company blogs with local, fresh and interesting content that not only gets Google excited but also your online community. You can get on with running your company knowing that Clever SEO is delivering a consistent local buzz and executing a professional online presence on your behalf.

Account Manager – As a client, your project is supported by a dedicated account manager with detailed technical knowledge of digital marketing. You have a single point of contact for all your SEO, digital advertising, web design, apps development and social media needs.

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